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Creating a perfect gift is very easy. A Quintessential representative will help you test the fragrances from the Gift collection of 20 samples and choose the best match. Then, select a stylish sculpture-holder complementing the perfume and the future owner’s character - and we will arrange for your Your unique gift.

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Hardly Angels

A magnetic, ultrafeminine scent for women who are conscious of their appeal. Notes of black currant, grapefruit, cassis elegantly blend with jasmine, tuberose and peach, giving way to a final, captivating flair of amber, patchouli, musk and vanilla.

Stealing Fruity

Playfully girlish, this fragrance is perfect for sweet, young ladies. Its delicious aromas of passionfruit and apricot are embraced by honeysuckle and orange blossom. A final echo of musk, peach and wood completes the picture of a magic fruit garden.

Beauty and the East

A warm, rich perfume. A luxurious accessory to a confident personality. Feminine notes of rose, plum and raspberry float on a sumptuous wave of black pepper, vanilla and orchid, finished with a fascinating trail of incense, amber and agarwood.

The Good, the Bright and the Lovely

Perfectly matching bright, expressive characters. This fragrance complements both men and women, scintillating with energy. First striking with bergamot, pansy, green leaves and cassis, it opens up with black currant, rose and lilac, to finish the mesmerizing effect with cocoa, patchouli, metallic notes and amber.


A daring appearance of a shining star. For women who proudly display their uniqueness and style. Deceiving gentleness of bergamot, orange oil, plum and peach gives way to deeply feminine jasmine, iris, peony and orange blossom, leaving a lasting impression with sandalwood, patchouli, oak moss and agarwood.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Style

Calm, confident elegance needs no further introduction. For a man with a polished look and refined personality. Intriguing with bergamot, Sicilian lemon, black currant and spicy notes, it glows with fruit, jasmine water and patchouli leaf, before a final embrace of sandalwood, cedar, leather and vanilla.

9 1/2 Scents

The magic of attraction concentrated in a perfume. Complementing both feminine and masculine traits, it’s as enigmatic as revealing, captivating into a world of comfort, pleasure and sensuality. Oud and sandalwood, incense, amber and patchouli are a mystical concoction of seduction.

Charisma Never Dies

No fake glamour, just true masculinity. Beyond time and seasons, like the charm of its owner. Calm bergamot and lavender are spiced with black pepper, nutmeg and leather and highlighted with precious woods, patchouli, vetiver and musk. The way it has to be. Shaken, not stirred.

There’s Something About Berry

An explosion of youth, freshness, thrills and infatuation. Red berries and honeysuckle blush, apple flower, coconut and sugar appeal with their sweetness and delicate aromas. A perfume for dreamers, for traveling to exotic places through a fragrance.

Diamonds Aren’t A Girl’s Best Friends

A boudoir fragrance, feminine but enigmatic, tickling imagination with its floral notes of Bulgarian rose and iris. Strict and attractive at the same time, it holds its secrets behind oak moss, vetiver, patchouli and cashmere wood, flirting with Bourbon pepper. A true jewel.

Rainbow Unchained

Meant for confident women who know what they want and don’t like restrictions. They love to impress with every appearance. Powerful aromas of bergamot, grapefruit and orange blossom intricately blend with rose, cyclamen, patchouli, and leave a lasting trail of amber, vanilla and musk. Colorful, rich, mellow and overwhelming.

Vanilla Sigh

An immersion into pure vanilla dream. So diverse in its simplicity, so chaste in its complexity. Vanilla notes throughout the perfume create harmony: very straightforward, flowing like a clear stream. It’s an unequivocal epitome of spiritual comfort, tenderness, desire. Designed for those who know how to enjoy the moment, it suits both men and women.

Once Upon a Scent for the Best

The fragrance of a free, charming, energetic man. A spirit with no boundaries, a dreamer. Fresh tangerine zest, orange, cranberry and regal French berry sparkle with eccentricity; cassis and Mediterranean salty water add to the spirit of adventure. Key lime pie, lemon cream, labdanum, cedar wood and vetiver create a flair of mystery, finished with sandalwood and clean powdery notes.

Resistance: Impossible

Self-made, strong man with noble manners. Knows his worth and accepts no compromise. He is restrained in words - not his ambitions. This confidence is highlighted with tangy lemon, bergamot, cardamom and black pepper, becoming even more powerful with juniper, nutmeg, thyme and peony. Framed into a base of gin, oak moss and tonka beans, it’s respectful, but irresistible.

For a Few Moments More

Instinctively masculine, this fragrance has a complex composition, able to channel the power of its owner, his genuine, but sophisticated spirit. He loves speed and freedom, his intuition is sharp, he is in constant search of synergy with the world. White iris, pink pepper, citrus notes and ginger wind up the senses, while magnolia, leather, blue iris and amber intertwine with sandalwood, cedar and tonka bean composing a very original aromatic twist: luxurious leather, suede sodden with raindrops and touched with wind.

The Orient Espresso

A deep, sophisticated, sensual, sybaritic person would love this fragrance. It’s flamboyant, destined to be the center of attention. A perfume like this has to be savored slowly and enjoyed. Shades of coffee floating in the morning air: espresso bean, cappuccino, coffee blossom. A pleasant murmur of an Oriental market dazzles with mahogany, sandalwood, cedarwood, cardamom and dark chocolate. An eccentric and delicious treat.

Essence of Arabia

Unbelievable bounty of aromas, gold in a flask. Its owner loves to be distinguished, a natural leader. He is savvy in pleasures and generous to others. A true connoisseur of quality life. No rush, just contemplation. The perfume leaves an inebriating trail of amber, patchouli, sandalwood, vanilla and musk, spiced with warm saffron, cumin, oud and cypriol. A sleek touch of guaiacwood, cedar, amyris and vetiver complete this intricate composition. A unisex fragrance for slow enjoyment.

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